Virtual Arts Open House

Thank you for your interest in the Arts at St. Andrew's! Our Virtual Arts Open House took place on Wednesday, December 15. Click the link below to watch a recording of the opening session, and scroll down for division session slides and videos.

Welcome and Introduction: 6 - 6:10 p.m.

Welcome Session presented by:

Lisa Shambaugh, Assistant Head of School for Enrollment and Strategic Projects
Jordan Yonce
, Arts Department Chair

Admission Events

Interested in other Admission events? Click here to take a look at our Admission Events page, and learn more about all that St. Andrew's has to offer!

Division Sessions: 6:10 - 6:30 p.m.

Learn more about our arts programs in each division by clicking the links below to access the divisional slides and videos from the event.

Arts Courses & Curriculum

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  • Lower School Arts

    The arts play a significant, integrated role in the Lower School.  Our programming offers nurturing and exploratory environments for students to learn, grow, and play through creative processes in both visual and performing arts.  Students participate in both forms twice each week throughout the year and regularly showcase their work through exhibits and performances.  

    Students in preschool through grade 2 are guided through artmaking, musical explorations, and creative movement tailored to early childhood.  By exploring a wide variety of tools, materials, and diverse styles, students develop their love for the arts, fine motor skills, and abilities to concentrate, persevere, and collaborate.  

    Students in grades 3 through 5 are further advancing their artistry. Visual arts courses collaborate with design science to develop students’ investigations and sensitivity to the elements of art, principles of design, how to understand patterns, and make predictions. Performing arts students continue honing their musicianship with classes emphasizing performance skills and musical literacy, expanding their instrumentation and musical complexity through sequenced levels of repertoire.
  • Middle School Performing Arts

    Middle School Performing Arts:
    Students in grades 6 through 8 take one performing arts trimester elective of their choosing as a course credit each year during F Block. Here are those elective offerings: 

    DanceMusic & ComputersMusical Cast
    DramaVideo & FilmMusical Tech**
    Video & Film

    *The Piano/Guitar method courses are offered in alternate years.  Piano will be offered in 2022-2023.
    **Musical Tech (Spring) is only offered to seventh and eighth graders. 

    Extracurricular Ensembles: MS Band and MS Chorus are offered year-round for students in grades 6 - 8. With the exception of MS Band in the fall trimester, these ensembles also meet before or after school twice each week to provide multiple opportunities for continued performance throughout the year. MS Dance is also offered as a Winter trimester sports option.

    Individual Music Lessons: St. Andrew’s offers individual instruction in piano (classical/jazz/pop), violin, guitar (acoustic/electric), drums, bass, flute, ukulele, saxophone, violin, and voice.  Lessons are available for students in grades 3-12 and are offered before/after school once or twice a week.
  • Middle School Visual Arts

    Our grade 6 through 8 visual arts program builds off of our lower school foundations to offering nurturing yet rigorous studio environments and instructional approaches that support a diverse range of student interests. The curriculum, taken one trimester each year, is structured to affirm and develop the artist within every student through exposure to a variety of artistic styles, cultural traditions, and modes of expression in both historical and contemporary contexts to develop an appreciation for the variety and richness of human expression in the visual arts.  Students experience a variety of media, techniques, and studio problem-solving processes to develop their own personal voice and identify their unique personal aesthetic. Through this guided studio production and critical inquiry, students build a visual art portfolio that follows through through their educational experience at St. Andrew’s. 
  • Upper School Performing Arts

    In the Upper School, we offer a broad selection and range of survey, advanced, and concentration level courses in performing arts, including new online offerings. Below you’ll find a listing of those courses, clubs, and extracurriculars for SY2022-2023.
         Acting / Acting Shakespeare
         Improvisation / Adv. Improv
         One Act Play
         Physical Performance Skills
         Public Speaking


         Guitar / Adv. Guitar
         Piano / Adv. Piano
         Learn To Groove: Afro-Cuban Percussion
         Music Production & Audio Engineering
         AP Music Theory 

         Rock & Soul Ensemble
         Orchestral Classics Ensemble
         Hip Hop & Contemporary Pop Ensemble
         Jazz Ensemble

    Technical Theatre
         Set-Building and Design Fundamentals
         Scene Painting and Property Design
         Lighting and Sound Design
         Costume & Fashion Design
         Ind. Study: Advanced Tech Theatre

    Film & Video
         Film & Video Production
         Live Video Production

    Online Offerings
         Music Production & Audio Engineering

         A Cappella Club
         Jazz Combo Club
         Technical Theatre Club

    Extracurricular Ensembles
         Fall Play (Cast or Tech)
         Winter Musical (Cast or Tech)
         Fall/Spring Dance Company
         Chapel Choir
  • Upper School Visual Arts

    In the Upper School, we offer a broad selection and range of survey, advanced, and concentration level courses in visual arts, including new online offerings. Below you’ll find a listing of those courses, clubs, and extracurriculars for SY2022-2023.
    Survey  Level
     1 trimester; may not be repeated for credit w/o permission
    Advanced Level
    1 trimester; may be repeated for credit; prerequisites as indicated 
    2-D Art
    (offered in-person or online)
    Advanced Drawing
    (prerequisite = Drawing) 
    PaintingAdvanced Painting
    (prerequisite = Painting) 
    3-D Art
    CeramicsAdvanced Ceramics
     (prerequisite = Ceramics) 
    Photography, Digital Media, & Design
    Digital DesignAdvanced Digital Design
     (prerequisite = Digital Design)
    Video & Interactive MediaAdvanced Video &
    Interactive Media
    (prerequisite = Video)

    Advanced Photography
    (prerequisite = Photography)
    YearbookAdvanced Yearbook
    (prerequisite = Yearbook)

    Concentration Level
    1, 2, or 3 trimesters; may be repeated for credit
    Independent Study in the Visual Arts
    1 trimester, prerequisite = advanced level course & departmental permission)
    Honors Art/ Portfolio Development
    2 trimesters
    prerequisite = Drawing
    & 1 additional visual art course
    AP Art & Design: Drawing, 2D, & 3D Portfolios
    3 trimesters 
    prerequisite = Drawing, Honors Art/Portfolio Dev'l, (advanced level visual art course work) & departmental permission

Performing Arts Media

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