College Counseling

College counseling at St. Andrew’s is a comprehensive four-year process that is managed by two college counselors. The counselors assist students in developing their college lists and in navigating the college search and application process.  This process requires that each student devotes time and energy to developing a customized list of colleges based on research and realistic self-assessment. The goal of college counseling at St. Andrew’s is to help each student find the right fit, the place where the student will find the right environment to learn and prepare for their future.

During freshmen and sophomore years, the college counselors meet with students by advisor group to discuss a range of topics: commitment to academics and extracurricular activities, standardized testing, and high school transcripts. The individualized program begins junior year when students  and parents complete comprehensive questionnaires and begin a series of individual meetings with the college counselors. These meetings help the college counselors learn more about each student's college plans and to become more effective advocates for them, which allows our process to become more personalized.
The college counseling office also offers a variety of annual programs that provide developmentally appropriate information to students and parents, including:

  • Evening programs for sophomores, juniors, seniors and their parents
  • Junior and sophomore parent coffees
  • College essay writing workshops
  • Mock college interviews
  • Mock college admissions application committee workshops for students
  • Washington Area Independent School College Fair (co-sponsored by St. Andrew’s)
  • Art schools and portfolios in the college admissions process program
  • College visits to St. Andrew’s: More than 100 college admissions representatives visit every year to meet with students and the college counselors.

Jonathan Gerelus

Director of
College Counseling

Danita Salone

Associate Director of
College Counseling

Peggy Porterfield

Assistant to
College Counseling
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