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Robert Kosasky, Head of School - St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Do you want a school that will make you successful, or a school that will make you happy?
Why make that choice at all? Instead, be known. Be inspired. Come to St. Andrew’s, and see what great education really means.

Thanks to our close relationships with individual faculty from Harvard's Graduate School of Education who lead Research Schools International, and individual faculty who lead the Science of Learning Institute and School of Education at Johns Hopkins, our teachers are the most research-informed faculty in the nation. Additionally, our Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning has presented to, worked with, hosted and trained more than 9,000 teachers and school leaders from 16 states and five countries.
Are you passionate about science or art, math or language, technology or social entrepreneurship? Do you love to compete, or perform, or serve other people? Are you looking to attend a terrific college that fits your interests? St. Andrew’s can help you reach your potential in all of those areas and more. If you want to be challenged, prepared, and happy in your next school, check out St. Andrew’s.
Robert Kosasky
Head of School

St. Andrew's Board of Trustees

Sheila Maith, Chair
Anthony Izzo, III, Vice Chair
Christopher Dymond, Treasurer
William Amick, Secretary
Rana Alarapon
Alfredo Antezana
Gail Atwood
Rene Augustine
Kellie Bickenbach
Kevin Borgmann
Elizabeth Drucker
Brian Harris
Diane Hastings
Sandy Horowitz
Parisa Karaahmet '87
Andrea LaRue
Larissa Levine '06
Frederick Scarboro
DeMaurice Smith
Salim Suleman


Robert Kosasky, Head of School
Thomas Taylor '00, President, Alumni Council
Kathryn Steinman, President, SAPA
John Harmon, Bishop's Representative
Marc Kaufman, Counsel

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St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is a private, coeducational college preparatory day school for students in preschool (Age 2) through grade 12, located in Potomac, Maryland.