Hands-On Design Thinking

From piecing together artificial limbs to building solar-powered racecars, design has been a hallmark of St. Andrew’s curriculum for nearly a decade. Students in all grades have access to collaborative spaces to design and make things that will shape their habits, minds, skills and creativity.

The D! Lab

The D! Lab opened in Fall 2016 on our Postoak Campus and features a professional industry grade 3D printer, which creates three-dimensional objects by stacking thin layers of a material; a laser cutter; and a milling machine, which carves out sections of material. There is also a full range of tools for making prototypes and models as well as university-standard software for designing projects that will be produced on the machines.

The first students to use the D! Lab included the 9th-grade service learning class, which created a human-centered design project to address the unique needs of the D.C. region’s homeless.
"Most schools have gone the ‘Let’s make stuff’ route. Our school has always distinguished itself by how we think about others, serve others and care for others. Humanity is the purpose for us.” ~ Charles James, Science Teacher and Director of the D! Lab.

Robotics Program

The Robotics program at St. Andrew's inspires students to be math, science, and technology leaders by building skills, inspiring innovation, and fostering self-confidence, communication, and leadership. Our Science teachers use robots as authentic problem-solving tools across many grades. We also participate in the FIRST Lego Robotics League.
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is a private, coeducational college preparatory day school for students in preschool (Age 2) through grade 12, located in Potomac, Maryland.