Student Art Recognized by Independent Panel

by St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Of the more than 800 entries into our Juried Art Show, 78 earned merit-based awards from a panel of local artists earlier this month.
The judges included Martha Spak, Patricia Chambers, Martha Shannon, Janet Wittenberg, Michael Stewart, Lynn Brown, Jill Reeves and Andrea Joseph, all independent artists specializing in painting, digital photography, ceramics and more.

The Judges’ Choice Awards were selected for both the Middle and Upper Schools April 17.

All winners were recognized April 28 during the Visual Arts Awards Assembly.

The list of winning entries is listed below. Congratulations to all the student artists.

Middle School

Maziar Beiramee `23, Self Portrait
Jalen Best `23, Laser Cut Cardboard Sculpture
Cody Lucas `23, Black and White Composition, Spoons
Malee Robitaille ‘23, Black and White Composition, Binder Clips
Gabrielle Skyles ‘23, Digital Art, “Blueberries”
Lucia Weiner `23, Digital Art, “Strawberries”
Tinuke Alarapon ‘22, Super Hero Art - “Magic Z”
Jack McCloy ‘22, Super Hero Art & 3D Figure - “Octotron”
Eric Muchane ‘22, Super Hero Art - “Jamboluate”
Dena Parsa ‘22, Super Hero Art - “Sugilite”
Hannah Bucher ‘21, Watercolor Landscape (Reflections)
Michelle Cavelier ’21, Charcoal Still Life
Tyler George `21, Contour Drawing (Hand)
Avery Hartinger ’21, Watercolor Landscape (Beach & Sky)
Sarah Kee `21, Oil Pastel Abstraction
Brenton Zhang ‘21, Contour Drawing (Geometric Design)

Upper School

Painting and Drawing

Benny Anderson ‘18, “Heights”
Trevor Clark ‘17, “Changing Colors”
Liam Corrigan-Reich ‘19, “Come to my Party”
Kira Donaldson ‘18, “Metamorphosis Giraffe”
Millicent Dye ‘17, “Ready to Work”
FaSade Fagoroye ‘19, “Watercolor Portrait”
Adrienne Fine ‘19, “Building in Progress”
Jenny Freedman ‘19, “Grandma’s House”
Calvin Giddings ‘17, “Waves”
Taylor Goldman ‘19, “Portrait”
Hope Harrison ‘17, “Walks of Life”
Katie Hester ‘20, “Old and New Shoes”
Katie Hester ‘20, “Skybarn”
Lisa Leitner ‘18, “Foreshortening”
Lisa Leitner ‘18, “Finger Painting”
Ali Mikaele ‘18, “I’m Dead”
Ali Mikaele ‘18, “Portrait”
Victor Muresan ‘19, “One Moment of Glory”
Ria Naab ‘18, “I don’t cry; I scream”
Nat Orr ‘18, “Hello from the Other Side”
Rodrigo Ortiz Mena ‘20,  “Hand drawing”
Joy Reeves ‘18, “Reverie”
Claire Robertson ‘17, “Prosperity”
Sarah Schwartz ‘20,  “Botanical Illustration”
Ashlynn Smith ‘19, “Room Service”
Penny Wang ‘20, “Portrait”
Jewell Wooten ‘18, “Rusty Shoes”
Georgia Woolston ‘17, “Symphony of Hands”
Georgia Woolston ‘17,  “Me, Myself and I”
Harry Williams ‘17, “Member Berries”
Shaolin Xie ‘17, “Wishes from 1000 Years Ago”
Lisa Zhang ‘19, “Heart”

Ceramics and 3D Work

Will Atwood ‘18
Luke Armbruster ‘18
Quinn Dunigan ‘18
Emily Gottschalk-Minners ‘17
Rachel Greenberg ‘17
Cameron Harris ‘18
Eddie Leisher ‘18,  “Soda Tab Armadillo Metamorphosis”
Josh Joseph ‘19
Josh Margolis ‘18
Kayla Markus ‘19
Sari Postal ‘17


Dean Brown ‘19, “Leaves”
Dean Brown ‘19
Enzo Bascon ‘17, “Shoes”
Enzo Bascon ‘17, “Boy with Glasses”
Eve Fredman ‘19, “Portrait”
Devin Lucas ‘19, “Behind the Curtain” (Digital Book)
Ross Munk ‘18
Chase Noah ‘19, “Lacrosse Images”
Nikhil Panicker ‘19
Gordon Reeves ‘18
Michael Rosenblum ‘18
Michael Rosenblum ‘18, “Art of the Machine”
Case Van Stolk  ‘18, “Hidden in Plain Sight” (Digital Book)

Digital Design

Annabel Dobbyn ‘19, “Man with Turban”
Aron Mahtemework ‘20, “Soccer Player”
Max Mento ‘18, Pixelated Design
Max Mento ‘18, “Stuffed Creature”
Cameron Reeder ‘19, “Sponge Bob with Bow”
Claire Robertson ‘17, “Heron”
Lily Velazco ‘18, Pixelated Design

List of 1 items.

List of 1 items.

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