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Kreeger Displays Creative Intersection Exhibit to Open School Year

Read more about the inspiration behind Kreeger Gallery's current exhibit "Creative Intersection," featuring work from Visual Arts Teachers Lauren Cook and Josephine Monmaney.
When Visual Arts Teacher Lauren Cook was looking for inspiration for Kreeger Gallery’s first exhibit of the 2023-2024 school year, first, she looked inward. 

With an interest in modeling learning in her studio classroom at St. Andrew’s, Cook did a “me-search” to dig deeper into why and how she was personally motivated as a creative learner. 

“My work as an artist is where it happens most for me,” Cook said. “What came out of this just naturally begged the question of how my motivations and proclivities as a creative learner impact other spheres in my life, i.e. my teaching and the relationships I have with my students and colleagues.”

Thus, the Creative Intersection Exhibit was selected to open up the school year. Which was an important lesson – and in turn exhibit – to start the year. One that resonated with her colleague, Lower and Middle School Visual Art Teacher Josephine Monmaney,  who helped her put it together to display both their and their student’s work.

“Lauren, for me, has always been an incredible mentor and has become a really close friend,” Monmaney said. “So I've always loved working with her. We love to have something in the gallery at the beginning of the year as well so the chance to display your own work is also a really great opportunity for your community to get to know you and for the students to see the community’s work. This was just a great experience and we've gotten a lot of positive feedback. We want our students to be seen and known. I think as an artist, it means a lot for you to know your colleagues to see you and for your students to see you and see your work.”

Ultimately, it was the perfect choice to start the 2023-2024 academic year.
The attempt for the artist is to have the audience leave with more questions than answers.
“I’m hoping the questions we pose with this exhibit prompt viewers to ask themselves the same questions, and hopefully pose even better ones,” Cook said. “But if nothing else, I hope people will recognize and honor the importance of their own unique voices as creative partners in their practices as educators and learners. That’s the bottom line.”

Top image: "The Longest Wall, Section 9" by Josephine Monmaney
Middle image: "Corn Talking" by Lauren Cook
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