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Student Band Brings 90s Rock to Mac Hall

At St. Andrew’s, our students know and inspire each other through their shared passions. Just one example of this is Chad’s Angels, a 90s-rock cover band formed by Upper School students Corey Bailey ’24, Claire Gerber ’25, Maggie Kelly ’25, and Melissa Nugent ‘25.
St. Andrew’s Winter Concert typically features numbers from the jazz band, selections from the winter musical, and tunes from the A Capella choir. But a year ago, in March of 2022, the breakout stars were a 90s rock-cover band consisting of three ninth graders and a tenth grader.

Tonight, with another year of jamming and performing together under their belts, Chad’s Angels will return to MacDonald Hall for tonight’s Winter Concert.
Corey Bailey ’24 was first inspired to form a band after hearing Claire Gerber ’25 play the drums during the Upper School Homecoming tent competition in 2021. Gerber, along with classmates including Maggie Kelly ’25, covered “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers.
While the performance was not enough to secure a win for their grade, it was enough to win over Bailey.
“Corey came up to me and said, ‘It’s cool you play the drums. Do you want to play together sometime?’” Gerber said.
Gerber took up Bailey’s invitation, and soon Kelly joined in on the jam sessions. Band members came and went, with Melissa Nugent ’25 ultimately rounding out the ensemble. Bailey plays the bass guitar, Gerber’s on the drums, Kelly plays guitar and bass, and Nugent plays guitar. All four sing, or plan to contribute vocals in the future. Sharing a mutual love of 90s rock music, the band decided to cover some of the best-known anthems of the genre, such as “Song 2” by Blur and “Come As You Are” by Nirvana.
Now in their 10th and 11th-grade years, the members of Chad’s Angels are active in many areas of school life, from the winter musical cast, show band, and stage crew, to the softball team and Anime Club. This meant band practice would have to happen during lunchtime or after school at Gerber’s house.
“I have a lot of good memories from last year, being in Claire’s basement, playing music together. It was so much fun,” Nugent said.
They named the ensemble “Chad’s Angels” in honor of one of their biggest fans, Gerber’s dad. Instrumental Music Teacher Peter Fraize and Arts Department Chair Jordan Yonce support the band by providing them with space to practice and access to sound equipment.
“One of the primary, and most fulfilling, goals in teaching music is to impart the skills for students to make music on their own,” Fraize said. “Groups like Chad's Angels provide a great example of the possibilities and are an inspiration to other students."
Chad’s Angels performed earlier this year during Homecoming & Reunion. In addition to tonight’s performance, they look forward to more opportunities to play together later this year.
Bailey encourages students who want to start something new, whether it’s a club or a cover band, to share their ideas with their classmates and make them happen.
“It’s definitely worth it,” Bailey said. “Worst case scenario, they just say no, but most people want to do it. It’s more fun with other people.”

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