Derek Park Award

Inspiring Creativity and Collaboration

The Derek Park Fund supports a cohort of interns who create and innovate in our design lab. DLab interns are certified on the lab's 3D printer, laser cutter and milling machine, and can use each to work on independent projects. Established in 2011, the fund has supported St. Andrew’s teachers and Upper School students in their individual and/or collaborative pursuit of innovative research, learning opportunities, and personal development in those areas that interested Derek: nature and the outdoors, art and design, robotics, and scientific experimentation.

Derek Park

Derek Park was a student at St. Andrew’s from grade 6 through the end of the first trimester of his 9th grade year when he tragically died on November 26, 2011.  
Derek loved being out in nature playing, fishing, riding a bike or hiking. He was an imaginative and creative person who experimented freely with the physics of our world. Derek was playful and had a dry sense of humor. He played the clarinet and earned a place as a freshman in the Jazz Band.
“Derek has exemplary creative intelligence, work ethic, diligence, and perseverance. He is in an Upper School Latin course -- level III literature -- that's very rare for an 8th grade student in any of our languages. He is 14 and has read authentic Julius Caesar better than many college students. He has had the mental discipline to handle the unapologetic rigor of this course. And while Derek's succeeding beautifully in all his academic classes, he's playing baseball and soccer with everything he's got; he's reading music and playing the clarinet; he's a deeply talented artistic maverick with both vision and skill; he's a sly comedian -- something his quiet, mild-mannered exterior belies; and his service ethic, which he demonstrated on the 8th grade trip, is extraordinary. Derek has rambunctious humor and get-me-outdoors energy, but knows how and when to channel it. His priorities are in order. His classmates like him, respect him, and laugh with him.”
-Racquel Yerbury, a former St. Andrew's Latin teacher, describing the essence of Derek when he earned the 8th Grade Latin Award.

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2020 Recipients

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Past Recipients

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  • 2019

    D! Lab Interns:

    Brian Alewine ‘22
    Samuel Beesley ‘19
    Jonas Blum ‘22
    Thomas Casasola ‘20
    Julia Chambers ‘19
    Ashley Cheung ‘19
    Anne Cecile Evelyne Choutedjem Kamgue Nkamougna ‘19
    Liam Corrigan-Reich ‘19
    James Cronic ‘20
    Daniel Domanski ‘22
    Fiona Gallagher ‘21
    Tom Graeub ‘22
    Avery Johnston ‘19
    Sydney Jones ‘19
    William Kaine ‘22
    Isabel Kenna ‘19
    Jake Lee ‘20
    Ryan Lee ‘22
    Aaron Lobsenz ‘22
    Connor McCloy ‘22
    Jack McCloy ‘22
    Allison Mitchell ‘22
    Madelyn Mondragon ‘20
    Benjamin Naab ‘20
    Amanda Newcombe ‘21
    Chase Noah ‘19
    Ethan Opdahl ‘19
    Lixin Qin ‘21
    Carrington Ray ‘19
    Natalie Reneberg ‘19
    Caroline Schneider ‘21
    Suzan Walicki ‘20
    Owen Whitman ‘22
    William Yore ‘20

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  • 2018

    D! Lab Interns:

    Luke Bennett ’18
    Olivia Dennen ’18
    Quinn Dunigan ’18
    Joshua Fowler ’18
    Dylan Goldstock ’18
    Avery Johnston ’19
    Isabel Kenna ’19
    Andre Lambert ’18
    Jake Lee ’20
    Noah Lee ’19
    Edward Leisher ’18
    Timothy McCann ’18
    Molly McMillen ’19
    Amanda Newcombe ’21
    Katherine Olin ’19
    Nikhil Panicker ’19
    Christopher Peterson ’18
    Michael Primmer ’19
    Annabel Resor ’20
    Marcus Shaffner ’18
    Caroline Schneider ’21
  • 2017

    D! Lab Interns:

    Ryan Shepherd '17
    Andy Harris '18
    Will Frazen '18
    Ashley Cheung '19
    Danan Mbozi '18
    Amanle Zanini '17
    Lily Beuker '17
    Noah Merriam '19
    Ria Naab '18
    Andrew Fullerton '17
    Gisellah Suleman '19
    Claire vanStolk '18
    Cornelis vanStolk '18
    Hope Harrison '17
    Shelly Xie '17
    William Atwood '18 
  • 2016

    Individuals named on the same line shared the award.

    Ria Naab ‘18
    Science and Art Departments

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  • 2015

    Gracie Ashworth ‘16
    Ben Wang ‘17
    Kim O’Shaughnessy
    Ritchie Porter

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  • 2014

    Individuals named on the same line shared the award.

    Noa West ‘15
    Lauren Cook
    Dr. Ian Kelleher and Paul Ternes

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  • 2013

    Individuals named on the same line shared the award.

    Ethan Lockshin ’14 and Sean Hess ‘14
    Allie Sklarew ‘15
    Troy Dahlke
    Charles James

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