Dynamic Growth & Transformative Achievement

Our challenging, college preparatory Upper School program develops well-rounded individuals with the personal qualities essential for lifelong learning and growth. Our talented faculty apply the latest research to design their classes and connect with students to help them maximize their potential. Students, advisors, teachers, parents, and administrators collaborate to foster students’ self-awareness, self-confidence, and pursuit of excellence.

Course List

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  • English

    4 years:

    Coming of Age or Honors Coming of Age
    Great Works or Honors Great Works
    American Literature or AP English Literature
    Psychology in Literature, Contemporary Voices in Literature, International Voices in Literature, or AP English Language

    Electives include: Creative Writing • Advanced Creative Writing • Power of Persuasion
  • History

    At least 3 years:

    Global Studies or Honors Global Studies
    US/Euro I or AP European History
    US/Euro II or AP US History

    A sampling of electives: 
    AP Government • Honors History Capstone Seminar • Present History and Race Matters • American Radicals and Rebels and the Gilded Age
  • Math

    At least 3 years and completion of:

    Algebra I
    Geometry or Honors Geometry
    Algebra II/ Trigonometry or Honors Algebra II/Trig

    Electives include: 
    Precalculus • AP Calculus AB and BC • AP Statistics • Multivariable Calculus • Linear Algebra • Game Design • Mobile Application Design • Intro to Computer Programming
  • Science

    At least 3 years, including Biology and 2 other lab science courses

    Electives include: 
    AP Biology • Geoscience and Remote Sensing • Chemistry • Organic and Biochemistry • Conceptual Physics • Physics I, II, and Honors • Environmental Science • Robotics
  • World Languages

    At least 2 years of either French, Latin, Mandarin, or Spanish

    AP courses offered in French, Latin, and Spanish
  • Arts

    At least 4 trimesters, including 1 visual art course and 1 performing art course

    Intro through advanced courses offered, including 27 performing arts choices and 19 visual arts choices

    A sampling of electives: 
    Dance Technique and Performance • Acting Shakespeare • Lighting and Sound Design • Guitar • Piano • Symphonic Rock Orchestra • AP Music Theory • Ceramics • Digital Design • Drawing • Photography • Real World Applications of Art and Design • AP Studio Art
  • Physical Education

    Grades 9–10 complete 2 trimesters of athletics and/ or fitness, and Grades 11–12 complete 1 trimester

    Grades 9 and 11 each complete 1 trimester of health

    Varsity and JV teams and sports include: 
    Baseball • Basketball • Cross Country • Dance • Fitness • Golf • Lacrosse • Soccer • Softball • Swimming • Tennis • Track • Volleyball • Wrestling
  • Community Service

    Grades 9–11 complete 20 hours each year

    Grade 12 fulfills three weeks of service every May after completing final exams
  • Philosophy and Religion

    At least 3 trimesters:

    Service Learning 9
    Justice (grade 10)
    Biblical Theology (grade 11)

    Electives include: 
    Religion and Popular Culture • Philosophy and the History of Thought

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is a private, coeducational college preparatory day school for students in preschool (Age 2) through grade 12, located in Potomac, Maryland.