Dynamic Growth & Transformative Achievement

Our experienced Middle School faculty applies research-informed approaches to challenge and guide students during this critical time of transition. Students engage fully in a rigorous, multifaceted academic program through hands-on activities, design projects, interdisciplinary work, analytical writing, field trips, and real-world problem solving. Your child will become an independent thinker and joyful, self-motivated learner, ready for the advanced opportunities of our Upper School.

Course List

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  • Grade 6 Courses

    Humanities 6
    Science 6: Scientific Foundations
    World Language: French, Latin, or Spanish
    Performing Arts (1 trimester)
    Visual Arts 6 (1 trimester)
    Religion 6
  • Grade 7 Courses

    English 7
    History 7: Civics
    Science 7: Life Science
    World Language: French, Latin, or Spanish
    Performing Arts (1 trimester)
    Visual Arts 7 (1 trimester)
    Health and Wellness 7
  • Grade 8 Courses

    English 8
    History 8: Comparative World Leadership
    Science 8: Physical Science
    World Language: French, Latin, or Spanish
    Performing Arts (1 trimester)
    Visual Arts 8 (1 trimester)
    OR Ethics (1 trimester)

Course Descriptions

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  • Math & Science

    The Middle School math curriculum includes Connected Math I/II, a problem-centered curriculum; then Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Honors Geometry.

    The science curriculum begins with an exploration of the scientific method and the concepts that underlie the physical, biological, and environmental sciences. In seventh grade, students study biology with a design focus that includes lessons in robotics and the creation of artificial limbs. In eighth grade, students focus on physics, exploring how the elements of the physical world interact.
  • Humanities

    Middle School curricula are integrated to develop significant writing, communication, and critical thinking skills. Sixth graders compare ancient civilizations, myths, and modern narratives in an intensive humanities course that combines English and history. Seventh graders explore identity and choices in an English course that includes creative and narrative writing assignments in response to culturally relevant literature. Eighth graders write extensively in English and apply their skills to history, where they prepare an in-depth multi-genre research and writing project on a world leader.
  • World Languages

    Our students study Spanish, French, Latin, or Mandarin in a sequence developed specifically for the Middle School language learner. Languages are taught in immersion classrooms that have students speaking, listening, writing, and thinking in the language even at the earliest levels. Investigations of the respective countries and cultures and project-based learning strengthen the use of language in real-world contexts. With this solid foundation, our middle schoolers are well-prepared for more advanced language studies in our Upper School.
  • Religion

    Middle schoolers enroll in a series of classes that probe our Episcopal identity as well as their own religious identities. In Religion 6, they study the earliest stories of the Bible in search of an answer to the guiding question, “What is the nature of God and the world God created?” In Religion 7, they continue analyzing the role of the divine in our everyday lives through studying the life and teachings of Jesus. In Religion 8, students have a choice of studying world religions or ethics, examining in either course the universal values that guide humanity. In studying religion, our goal is not to promote any particular religion but rather to use our Episcopal values as a starting point to help students discern their own spiritual and religious beliefs.
  • Arts

    Students take visual and performing arts courses each year. A sequence of visual arts courses allows students to explore all media and connect creatively with their academic subjects.

    Performing arts options include:
    Middle School Musical
    Middle School Technical Theater
    Music & Computers
  • Athletics

    All middle schoolers participate in a sport or a fitness class each trimester. The emphasis is on skill building, conditioning, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Practices and interscholastic games are held during the last time block of each day.

    Teams and sports include:

    Cross Country

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