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Fund-A-Scholar Gala

On Saturday, March 13, the St. Andrew's community gathered virtually for the 2021 Come Together Fund-a-Scholar Gala. For the second year in a row, we asked our community to participate in a virtual gala, and your willingness to step up and donate to support our Fund-a-Scholar Program was inspiring.

We are extremely proud to report that this year's virtual Gala netted $380,000, which makes this our third-highest Gala total in school history!

We are so grateful to you, our school community, for your generous spirit and unwavering dedication in coming together to support this critical need. As a result of this extraordinary philanthropy, more students will be able to attend St. Andrew’s next year – students who otherwise might not have the opportunity. The classroom experience of all students will be enriched by the diversity of perspectives and backgrounds in each class.

If you were unable to tune in to the broadcast Saturday night, we hope you will take a minute to watch St. Andrew's alumnus Adam Barton '12, our guest speaker for this year's program, who recorded a heartfelt and inspirational message for our Gala attendees and the larger St. Andrew's community.

The school would like to thank Kim Gorman and Jessica Somwaru, co-chairs of this year’s event, for their extraordinary energy and perseverance, which was instrumental to the success of this year's Gala.

We would also like to thank Holly Cirrito, Karen Portik, and Ana Pabón-Naab for their incredible work and leadership, as well as the entire auction committee of parent, faculty, and staff volunteers.

And, of course, a huge thank you to the St. Andrew’s community. From the attendees at home who showed their support by purchasing a party package and participating in the virtual Gala, to the faculty and staff on our groovy set who made "live TV" look easy, your role in Saturday night's achievement has not gone unnoticed. Thank you!

Gala Co-Chairs

Thank you to all of our Gala volunteers, especially our Co-Chairs, Kim Gorman and Jessica Somwaru.

Gala Guest Speaker: Adam Barton '12

2021 Fund-a-Scholar Gala Patron Sponsors

Come Together:
The Cirrito Family

The Scarboro Family
The Green Kahn Family
The Somwaru Family
The Emmerson Family

Age of Aquarius:
The Harris Family
The Atwood Family
The Le/Dymond Family
The Carpenter Family
The Horowitz Family
The Boland Family
The Diamond Family
The Ludecke Family
The Amick Family
The Leahey Family
Abbey Road:
The Brown Family
The Davidson Family
The Freeman Family
The Yehl Family
The Barnard Family
The Blum Family
The Herwig Family
The Augustine Family
The Hallagan Family
The Maith Family
The Khomenko Family
The Rumanskinner Family
The Bickenbach Family
The Rosenberg Family
The Park Family
The Kontner Family
The Bush Family
The Shortell Family
The Chaudhry Family
The Gorman Family
The Hastings Family
The Hester Family
The Fradette/Berman Family
The Wenk Family
The Bass-O’Connor-Kelly Family
The Strimel Family
The Borgmann Family
The Emmerson Family
The Luchsinger Family
The Weber Family
The O'Connell Family
The Kaufman Family

The Schlegel Family
The Macedo Family
The O'Keefe Family
The Thompson Family
The Seals Family
The Analdez Family
The Ong Family
The Cristia Family
The Tumbarello Family
The Shvartsman Family
The Beyda Kendall Family
The Hansen Family
The Andrew Family
The Nyika Family
The Langevin Family
The Marciano Family
The Doulaveris Family
The Anillo Family
The Kane Family
The Christmas Family
The Morgan Family
The Sandler Family

2021 Fund-a-Scholar Gala Committee

2021 Gala Co-Chairs:
Kim Gorman P’22
Jessica Somwaru P’20, P’22, P’24

Solicitations Co-Chairs:
Kim Gorman P’22
Jessica Somwaru P’20, P’22, P’24
Marketing Chair:
Karen Portik P’21, P’24

Set Design Co-Chairs:
Holly Cirrito P’21, P’24, P’27
Ana Pabón-Naab P’14, P’15, P’18, P’20

Thank you to our 2021 Fund-a-Scholar Gala Corporate Sponsors

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