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Middle School Schedule

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  • Start Time

    The school day will begin at 8:30 a.m., a start time that is later than our peer schools and responds to research on learning and sleep.

  • 65 Minute Classes

    Research suggests that engaged, focused, deep learning requires longer class periods with fewer transitions during the school day. We put this research into practice by scheduling only three to four classes per day with 10 minutes passing time, giving the day a collegiate flow. With fewer classes in a day, homework time can be more focused.

  • Time By Design

    This time is blocked off for assemblies and all-school chapels, but not every Wednesday has a community gathering. On those days, that 65-minute block of time, which we call "Time by Design," can be used in a variety of ways, self-selected by our students and for professional development for our teachers.

  • A Midday Break

    Students will have an hour to eat and refresh with an afternoon recess. The hour will also be an ideal time for club meetings, special seminars and presentations.

  • Study Hall

    The schedule affords structured study hall time for students to get started on homework, and allows for classes to be extended when necessary for science labs, studio art lessons, and other specialized learning.

  • 10 Minutes Passing Time

    Ten minutes between classes gives students some mental downtime, a chance to organize themselves, a moment to ask one last question, and an opportunity for social interaction, all of which research suggests should help learning. It also gives teachers breathing room to teach the following class even better.

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