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Intermediate School Schedule

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  • Start Time

    The school day will begin at 8:30 a.m., a start time that is later than our peer schools and responds to research on learning and sleep.

  • Physical Education Every Day

    The new schedule retains daily physical education, which research suggests is developmentally responsive to children and emphasizes the connection between physical activity and cognitive processing.

  • Time By Design

    This time is blocked off for assemblies and all-school chapels, but not every Wednesday has a community gathering. On those days, that 65-minute block of time, which we call "Time by Design," can be used in a variety of ways, self-selected by our students and for professional development for our teachers.

  • Design Science

    A strength of the Intermediate School curriculum, Design Science three times a week supports the development of design thinking skills that apply beyond the science classroom.

  • Closing Meeting

    A hallmark of Responsive Classroom, the new schedule retains dedicated time for morning and closing meetings in homeroom classrooms.

  • Longer Learning Blocks

    The Intermediate School's longtime emphasis on homeroom blocks exceeding 60 minutes is foundational to the 65-minute class periods that will now be standard in the Middle and Upper schools.

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