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Honor Roll of Alumni Support

Thank you to our Honor Roll of Support for making a difference in supporting the Lion's Fund.

The Lion's Fund makes an immediate impact on every facet of life at St. Andrew's. From the classrooms, to athletic facilities, to academic programs and financial aid, a gift to St. Andrew's is an opportunity to significantly contribute to the quality of the school. It is the single most important gift you can make to St. Andrew's each year. 

Add your name to the list by donating here. The 2016-17 fiscal year ends June 30, 2017. 

List of 35 items.

  • Class of 1983 - 14%

    Jeff and Leigh Palmer 
    Liz Parks
    Candace Conway
  • Class of 1984 - 12%

    David Daniel
    Tim Hopkins
    Lauren and Chris Reed
  • Class of 1985 - 7%

    Steve Bensinger
    Mario Einaudi
  • Class of 1986 - 36%

    John Dunn
    Kristin Flechsig
    John Barron
    Katie Yehl
    Jon Mack
    Mark Otto
    Matt Stickley
    Sharon Leach
    Molly Hewes
  • Class of 1987 - 11%

    Parisa Karaahmet
    Steve Bellis
    Bruce Goodwin
    Liz Kiingi
    Tracy Yandle
    Lee Howard
  • Class of 1988 - 11%

    Mark Portner
    Catherine Callaway
    Kimberly Hartinger
    Jasper Thomson
    Boyer Proffitt
    Elizabeth Bowling
  • Class of 1989 - 8%

    Kristen Ekedahl Tauber
    Alex Portner
    Janna Hartsock
  • Class of 1990 - 2%

    Jeffrey Fleisher
  • Class of 1991 - 11%

    Dan Anixt
    Chris Moore
    Edie Stanton
    Alex Fisken
    Sue Cain
  • Class of 1992 - 7%

    Dana Harrison
    Jennifer McZier
    Jason Klippel
  • Class of 1993 - 3%

    Jane Schmidt
    Dan Evans
  • Class of 1994 - 2%

    David Corkran
  • Class of 1995 - 16%

    Sam Speier
    Alex George
    Ted Mann
    Maryann Heim
    Mari McDonald
  • Class of 1996 - 53%

    Erin Wright-Gandhi
    Paige Shirk
    Tim Finn
    Nick Nadel
    Charlene Clarke
    Mike Clark
    Carrie Riley
    Dara Eisner
    David Shirey
    Sally Daee
    Becca Artinian
    Chanele Clark
    Hallie Sherard
    Jared Saltman
    Rachel Lane
    Carl McEntire
  • Class of 1997 - 4%

    Ben Stein
    Stratimir Doytch
    Emily Swinehart
  • Class of 1998 - 15%

    Michael DiPaula-Coyle
    Jonathan Blythe
    Katherine DeAnna
    David Troha
    Amanda Allen
  • Class of 1999 - 2%

    Peter Rosan
  • Class of 2000 - 8%

    Tom Taylor
    Jonathan Rodgers
    Sarah Melby
    Christiane Hartmann
  • Class of 2001 - 14%

    Tim Harwood
    Allie Kendall
    Justin Huvelle
    Ben Fishel
    Jen Thomson
    P.J. Hart
    Michael North
  • Class of 2002 - 4%

    James Riviere
    Emily Williams
  • Class of 2003 - 5%

    Marian Carpenter
    Sarah Stanley
    Michael Rogan
  • Class of 2004 - 7%

    Jack McMackin
    Margaret Sclafani
    Jake Wallace
    John Allender
  • Class of 2005 - 14%

    Madeline O'Brien
    Alisa Kaswell
    Sarah Wilkins
    Mariel Fox
    Lane Brenner
    David Sanders
    Chris Domone
    Alex Freeman
    Nate Mitchell
  • Class of 2006 - 18%

    Larissa Levine
    Christopher Shelton
    Molly Natelli
    Amy Bachman
    Kaitlyn Bunting
    David Weisshaar
    Elise Lang
    Colin Densford
    Jason Christian
    Gaby Dehesa-Azuara
    Greg Rosenbaum
  • Class of 2007 - 7%

    Matt Devaney
    Amalia Maletta
    Caroline Downing
    Nick Bralove
    Lexi Heywood
  • Class of 2008 - 10%

    Abbey Wallace
    Eleanor Geise
    Tom McMackin
    Hannah Davis
    Bryn Whiteley
  • Class of 2009 - 11%

    Mike Boyland
    Yaa Warren
    Dannie Moore
    Jonathan Burket
    Sarah Fudge
    Elana Taub
    Christine Ash
    Jacob Horn
  • Class of 2010 - 9%

    Steve Webster
    Elliott Silverman
    John Gill
    Philip Doerr
    Christine Sim
    Donte Taylor
    Jonah Orr
  • Class of 2011 - 21%

    Claire Devaney
    Caroline Worthy
    Annie Engelstad
    Josh Sennett
    Tim Gregg
    Tasha Belikove
    Lauren Melvin
    David Vogel
    Molly Simon
    Meredith Harris
    Charlie Sparks
    AJ Izzo
  • Class of 2012 - 13%

    Ian McLuckie
    Sami Mardam-Bey
    Sam Wallace
    Tommy Finton
    Philipp Werner
    Justin Pugrant
    Delonte Egwuatu
  • Class of 2013 - 10%

    Jacob Reiskin
    Emma Davey
    Lucas Schmidt
    Katie Jannotta
    Alexia Jacoby
    Sarah Strum
  • Class of 2014 - 8%

    Sofia Naab
    Brendon Stern
    Chris Quintero
    William Duvall
  • Class of 2015 - 2%

    Elizabeth Naab
  • Class of 2016 - 3%

    Matthew Thrower
    Christopher Jung
  • Overall Participation: 10%

    Updated 1/5/2017

Is your name missing?

If you think your name should be included in this list and it is not, there is probably an explanation:

We made a mistake. Although we take great care in compiling our list of donors, there is always the possibility of error. If we omitted your name or if your name is incorrect, we apologize and ask that you contact the Advancement Office at or 240-477-1690.

Your gift was not made during the 2016-17 fiscal year.
 Please remember that this Honor Roll of Alumni Support lists gifts received between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017

You designated your gift to a different fund. Please note that the Lion's Fund is the main way to support
St. Andrew's. It impacts every area of the school's life and community. Although we do have other areas that you can support, those are not recognized here. If you directed your gift to a different area, and would like to correct it, please contact

You believe you made a gift, but you are not sure. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of contributions. If you believe you made a gift to St. Andrew's, please contact the Advancement Office and we will check our records. Perhaps you forgot to send in your gift, you can donate now and it will be recognized in the 2016-17 Honor Roll of Support if it's made before June 30, or the 2017-18 Honor Roll of Support if it's made after June 30, 2017. 

If you have any questions, please contact us:
St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Advancement Office
8804 Postoak Road
Potomac, MD 20854
(301) 983-5200

List of 1 items.

List of 1 items.

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