Student Perspective: Andrew Saavedra ‘24

by St. Andrew's Communications Staff
From our Fall Magazine, Andrew combats boredom at home with paper and pencil.
Each St. Andrew’s student has their own story to tell about their life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through it all, our students have demonstrated remarkable resilience, creating their own solutions to the questions that many adults still wrestle with: How will I get through this? What will I learn from this time apart? What will the world be like when this has passed?

Andrew Saavedra ‘24 thrives when he is creating and that's one thing the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t taken away from him. 

As an artist, Andrew knows that he works best when he has a specific objective: sketch “this” still life, or draw “this” portrait. But these days, as boredom sets in during times when he would typically be at swim practice or hanging out with friends, rather than picking up his phone, he picks up paper and pencil. 

“Doing art, it’s helped me be more calm and it lets me express how I’m feeling during this time,” Andrew said. 

He’s grateful for the relationships he developed with his classmates and teachers throughout middle school, which have continued as he transitioned from distance learning as an eighth grader to distance learning as a freshman in the Upper School. 

“The eighth-grade step-up assembly brought everyone together,” he said. “To be able to see all of us together moving on and transitioning, that was a big thing.” 

He’s able to create deeper bonds with his friends through group texts and massive Zoom calls, sometimes spending three hours at a time catching up and laughing with friends. Knowing how much he thrives from seeing his friends in person, he finds himself wondering if, when “this” is all over, if school will ever be the same. 

“For me, seeing friends everyday, that pushed me throughout the day,” Andrew said. “Knowing I would have them in my next class would make my day more fun.”

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