The Performing Arts program helps students:

  • Develop their various skills and skill levels through course offerings and curricular content in each of our respective areas of specialization: dance, drama, technical theatre, instrumental music, vocal music and music production (audio engineering).
  • Describe and reflect on their artistic intent and form by utilizing multi-modal instructional techniques to enhance perception and learning.
  • Take ownership of collaborative productions by providing creative input to inform artistic decisions in rehearsal, production and performance.
  • Grow their leadership potential by empowering them with production responsibilities and ensemble titles.
  • Celebrate their artistry with performance venues and competitions both within and outside of our community.
Our pre-K through 12th grade performing arts program offers nurturing yet rigorous rehearsal environments and instructional approaches that support a diverse range of student interests, aptitudes and learning styles. The performing arts curriculum is structured to affirm and develop the artistry within every student performer by:

  • Guiding creative self-expression and artistic potential;
  • Experiencing a variety of artistic styles and cultural traditions in both historical and contemporary contexts;
  • Growing as collaborators and leaders through performance and design.
  • Recognizing the power of art as a source of deep personal fulfillment and as a tool for social change.
The performing arts program emphasizes the importance of authentic self-expression, the development of personal voice and an appreciation for the variety and richness of human expression through the performing arts. Our courses address age-appropriate learning goals in each division and are designed to support and celebrate every kind of learner. Each year St. Andrew's students engage in stimulating new performing arts experiences and modes of expression. They develop both the skills and metacognition required for measurable growth and mastery in the performing arts and are encouraged to take informed risks in their learning processes and objectives.

Through guided rehearsal, design, critical inquiry, assessments and performance, students develop abilities for authentic personal expression, greater depth in aesthetic interpretation, and attain a deeper appreciation for the diverse range and power of human creativity in performance.

Distance Learning Performances

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