Middle School: Gr. 6-8

Middle School at St. Andrew’s is a time for self-discovery, accepting increasing independence and responsibility, and developing positive peer relationships.

At St. Andrew’s, we build a strong sense of community where students are comfortable taking risks, celebrating successes, and working together to overcome challenges. We create a safe and respectful environment for embracing the diversity of our emerging selves and those emerging around us.

Teaching in the middle school is informed by the latest research into how the brain learns. It includes: design projects, interdisciplinary work, hands-on activities, field trips and real world problem solving. Middle School students learn how to know themselves well as learners. Students are appropriately challenged in the core academic subjects (English, history, science, art and foreign language) and have many opportunities to grow in the areas of visual and performing arts. Students learn the value of teamwork by their participation on athletic teams.

The advisory program recognizes the unique challenges and potential of middle school students. Advisors and mentors are key in helping students understand themselves, develop relationships, value diversity, and nurture empathy and inclusion. Service projects enable students to develop leadership skills and to begin to understand their role as global citizens.

For students, Middle School is:

  • A time of self-discovery and learning from the diversity of identities and experiences around us.
  • A time of increasing independence and responsibility.
  • A time to explore and take risks.
  • A time to celebrate everyone’s successes.
  • A time to work together to overcome challenges.

Students in the Middle School:

  • Learn about their strengths and challenges in an academic program that is rigorous and multifaceted.
  • Are appropriately challenged in core academic subjects while teachers aim to spark joy in the learning process.
  • Experience teaching and learning methods that reflect 21st-century research: design projects, hands-on activities, field trips, real world problem solving.
  • Learn the skills necessary to be independent thinkers and self-motivated learners.
  • Enjoy visual and performing art opportunities.
  • Participate on Middle School athletic teams.

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