Intermediate School: Gr. 3-5

The Intermediate School provides a balance of academic rigor and nurture for curious, energetic third, fourth and fifth graders.

From interdisciplinary design projects, active participatory experiences, monthly field trips, to service learning activities, our Intermediate School program is designed to provide a structured environment where students learn to become invested, self-motivated learners.


Venture begins with a thought. At the start of the year, students name specific and measurable goals, which allow for personal investment and self-awareness of the learning process. Periodic reflection of these goals instills the growth mindset to persevere and begin to see the small steps that lead to big successes.
Robotics. Tin whistles. Word detectives. Leveled books. Field trips. Interactive math games. Laptops. Through integrated blocks of content, students are guided through core curricular skills and regularly meet with specialist teachers to explore and discover new connections in specific disciplines. With varied hands-on tools, each child actively engages his or her brain, kindling the love of learning.
The classroom community is carefully and thoughtfully crafted so students have a sense of belonging, significance, and emotional safety. Within this positive and caring environment, students feel comfortable taking risks, collaborating, negotiating, and self-advocating with their peers and teachers.
Through reflection, leadership, and active service, students begin to actively connect with the larger community around them. Whether it’s on the playground or in the neighborhood, they begin to take responsibility that a friendly hand yields long lasting connections. 

A Student's Week at a Glance

  • Snickering with a book character in a “just right” book
  • Researching current news to support a thesis statement
  • Drawing arrays to explain the connection between addition and multiplication
  • Programming a robot to move like a rabbit
  • Figuring out the ukulele’s C chord using tablature
  • “Traveling” to Paris and ordering dinner from a student-made menu
  • Listing sentence starters that help students agree to disagree
  • Seining to see what kinds of animals live by Chesapeake’s coastline
  • Learning the science behind watercolor resist
  • Reflecting on how a modern day “prophet” like Jackie Robinson inspires me to be a better person
  • Singing with hand motions to our Chapel’s song “Peace Give I to You”
  • Trying to figure out how to pass a hula hoop without using your hands
  • Preparing soup jars for children in need 

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