St. Andrew’s athletic program is essential to the life of the school and the wider community that supports it.  Encouraging the pursuit of excellence, team participation, and physical fitness, the program offers a wide range of high-quality athletic activities to help students reach their fullest potential.  Teamwork, school spirit, sportsmanship, a healthy work ethic, physical development, and respect are some of many outgrowths of the program.  In addition, structured league play has provided recognition of school, team, and individual accomplishments, and further promoted good will and healthy rivalries among area schools and athletes.

The St. Andrew’s athlete is not easily classified.  This is a school where athletes are given wonderful opportunities to compete in various sports at levels that are often unavailable to students in larger school environments.  Our athletes excel because of the great coaching they receive and because of the opportunities they are given to develop.  As a result, many of our students continue to play at various levels of college.

St. Andrew's girls play in the Independent School League (ISL), composed of the following schools:





    Flint Hill

    National Cathedral School

    Georgetown Day School


    Georgetown Visitation

    St. Stephens and St. Agnes

    Holton Arms

    Sidwell Friends

    Holy Child

    Stone Ridge

Boys play with the seven teams of the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAC):

    Flint Hill

    Georgetown Day School



    St. James

    Sidwell Friends

Athletic Highlights:

Varsity Golf: MAC Champion 2010,2009,2008,2007; undefeated season 2007 
Girls Varsity Cross Country: ISL Champion 2005; Maryland Private School Champion 2010,2009, 2008, 2006,2005, 2004
Boys Varsity Soccer: MAC Champion 2003
Boys Varsity Cross Country: MAC Champion 2003;  Maryland Private School Champion 2013,2012, 2009,2006, 2005, 2004
Girls Varsity Lacrosse: ISL Division A Co-Champion 2007 and 2006 Girls varsity Basketball ISL Champion 2010 Boys Varsity Track: MAC Champion 2010. Boys Varsity Basketball ranked 19 Washington Post.

Team Sports

St. Andrew’s fields 51 interscholastic teams, including 19 Middle School teams and 32 JV and varsity teams, in 13 different sports.  More than 250 Upper School students participate on these teams, with several students participating in two or three seasons.  St. Andrew’s team sports include:

Fall Season

Winter Season

Spring Season

    Boys/Girls Cross Country


    Boys/Girls Soccer

    Girls Tennis


    Girls Volleyball

    Boys/Girls Basketball


    Boys/Girls Indoor Track


    Boys Baseball

    Girls Softball


    Boys/Girls Lacrosse

    Boys/Girls Outdoor Track

    Boys Tennis

In addition, several levels of dance classes both for creative exploration and dance technique, Aikido and fitness classes, and approved independent pursuits allow students to satisfy their yearly athletic requirement.

Athletic Requirements

Middle School students and 6th grade students must participate in a team sport each trimester.   The middle school sports program is incorporated into the last period of the day.

Upper School students must participate in at least one team sport or non-competitive athletic activity each year.  In addition, all students in ninth and tenth grades must participate in a second sport or non-competitive activity.  Upper School students may participate in more than the required number of sports during the school year and are encouraged to do so.  Students who actively pursue a sport outside of St. Andrew's that we do not offer may apply for a waiver.


Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Team Programs

We are proud of our ability to develop Middle School athletes by giving them the opportunity to participate in many sports in preparation for Upper School athletics.  While there is not a formal Middle School athletic league, our Middle School boys and girls play the same sports and similar opponents as the Upper School teams.  Junior varsity team programs are available to Upper School boys and girls in most of our team sports.  St. Andrew’s is very competitive at the varsity level, and our teams have met with great success in recent years, having won league and tournament championships in  the majority of sports that we offer.


Sportsmanship Code of Conduct

  • ISL/MAC Sportsmanship Expectations for Players, Coaches, Officials, and Spectators
  • The ISL/MAC embraces a common core of values and cooperates in a collective attempt to achieve them.
  • We emphasize the value of respect for self and for others. We realize that an athletic contest is only a game, and we expect only positive encouragement from all participants and spectators.
  • ISL/MAC members are gracious in victory as well as in defeat.