Middle School Course Offerings

Middle School Course Offerings by Subject:


English 7
English 8


Civics 7
Comparative World Leadership 8


French IA (Grades 7-8)
French IB (Grades 7-8)
French II (Grade 8)

Latin IA (Grades 7-8)
Latin IB (Grades 7-8)
Latin II (Grade 8)

Spanish IA (Grades 7-8)
Spanish IB (Grades 7-8)
Spanish IIA (Grade 7-8)
Spanish IIB (Grade 8)
Spanish II (Grade 8)


Math 7
Pre-Algebra (Grades 7-8)
Algebra I (Grades 7-8)


Religion 7: Hebrew Bible
Religion 8: The Life and Impact of Jesus


Life Science 7
Physical Science 8

Physical Education/Health

Each seventh and eigth grader fulfills the Physical Education requirement by participating in a team sport each trimester.
Visual and Performing Arts
Visual Arts 7
Visual Arts 8
Middle School Musical & Tech Theater
Middle School Band
Middle School Drama
Middle School Dance
Middle School Chorus

Academic Sequence:

(Academic flow charts for subjects in grades 7 through 12 for the 2012-2013 school year.)