Lower School

Lower School Program 

The Lower School—Preschool I (age 2) to Grade 2—is a loving, nurturing community that strives to light a fire of curiosity and joy in the students it serves. Exceptional teachers, who have taken advantage of the most current professional development programs, know and inspire each child in a dynamic educational setting. Learning is hands-on and theme-based, an approach that develops competence, confidence, and enthusiasm.

Curricular activities and materials throughout the Lower School grades are relevant to the lives of children, encouraging them to become risk-takers and independent thinkers in a safe environment where they know they will be loved and supported. In line with its Episcopal identity, St. Andrew’s commitment to service learning and multicultural education prepares its students to become responsible for themselves, their classmates, and the 21 st century world around them.

Language arts, reading, and mathematics meet daily each morning. Other subjects—social studies, religion, physical education, visual arts, performing arts, language (Spanish or French), and library/technology—meet one to three times per week dependent on grade level. Interdisciplinary work is integrated at every grade level so that students see learning as an interactive, iterative process. Morning meeting and closing meeting are part of the daily schedule, with Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R.) time incorporated several times a week in the elementary school. Chapel is held in St. Francis Church weekly for elementary school students and for preschoolers.

Imaginative play is a cornerstone of the Lower School Program, as research indicates that play is integral to academic achievement, social cognition, and self-esteem. Two recesses daily provide ample time for children to socialize and explore, with an appropriate balance of rest and movement throughout the school day. In addition, outdoor experiences and age-appropriate field trips are an integral part of the curriculum.

Upon completion of the Lower School program, students are well prepared for the Intermediate School on the Postoak Campus.  

Head of Lower School 

Jordan Love  

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Lower School Calendar

Mon Apr 21

All PS Easter Chapel (PK, I & II)

Location: St. Francis Church
8:45 AM - 9:15 AM

K-12th Easter Eucharist Chapel (Gym)

10:05 AM - 10:45 AM